Mark Of Cane
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South Florida Artist MF Bliss Returns With New Visual From His Previously Released Single "Mark Of Cane".

There isn't many artist coming out of Clewiston, Florida. In this case we have MF Bliss which is a native of the city of Clewiston. He was raised in the Harlem community and plans on leaving a mark for his hometown. So, "Mark Of Cane" simply presents the becoming of an artist who has been through poverty & other hard times. Coming from an unknown place & progressing from it. Also, "Mark Of Cane" will display how desperate times can call for desperate measures regardless of who you are. Even if that means betrayal to a "loved one". On a biblical note: Cain killed Abel.. So, in this modern day that means Loyalty or Betrayal. "Be careful who you trust" -Bliss66