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Yodz a Brooklyn raised rapper born in the winter winds of 1991. Surrounded by the Hip Hop aura in the 90’s, Yodz, at an early age found passion for complex rhyme schemes and lyrical stories alike, while learning to combine the the two in order to create the same gritty yet vibrant cultural sound that shocked and defined the 90’s era. 
 After years of paving the way for himself on the streets of NY. Yodz debuted in 2017 with the single CHAINZ, however It wouldn’t be until 3 years later where he would re-emerge with 3 New singles and that definitive sound that echoes like the greats before him with Blue Clifford being the latest. As hip hop and its culture see shifts through time, it almost seems to be Rappers like Yodz who defy time and remain timeless

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Yodz- preach it

Yodz- preach it

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