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Dj Fofao is a Brazilian Artist who’s been in the market for a little over 10 years now, well know in Massachusetts for his unique skills and Brazilian remixes, also well known in brazil and 5+ countries, Dj Fofao USA is currently based in Boston. He’s known in Rio de Janeiro as Dj Robson Sheik started his career in Brazilian funk at an early age of 11. It was in Belford Roxo, Rio De Janeiro where he got his first jobs as a DJ playing in socials and parties and thus being able to show all his talent and thus having the opportunity to make several participations in community balls like Vila Rica, Roseiral and bacia. Soon afterwards Robson Sheik became Dj and Producer of the group Bonde dos Devassos where they had the opportunity to do several shows. After a time out of the funk world Dj Robson Sheik moved to Boston - MA and in 2018 he came back with all his might and is currently known as Dj Fofao USA.

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Catucada Violenta 2

Catucada Violenta 2

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