Cameorn Chambers

Cameorn Chambers


Cameron Chambers Releases Debut CD " Harvest Time"and recieves great reviews! He has a strong following for a underground artist with over 100,000 twitter followers @realcamchambers and 450,000 youtube views Cameron is a rap artist from Portland Oregon who has been rapping for 10 years and is CEO of his own label, Mr.C Entertainment that has produced his debut cd. Cameron's goal was to create a CD packed with house party msuic and he did just that. "Harvest Time" was the culmination of much work with plenty of rewards. With Fun songs filled with hott beats, he tapped into something unique and introduced us to a new era in rap music. Songs such as Drop It Feat John Hart and A Women Like This demonstrates the pure talent behind his magic. His music is diverse and enjoyed by people of all ages. His music makes you want to move and rock ya body and just feel that rhythm that runs thru your veins. It Is Simple; Cameron Found a niche that was never tapped into and ran with it, bringing great music to mainstream america. Cameron has worked on songs with Snoop Dogg,Ice Cube, Mac Shawn,John Hart, Spice 1,Luni Coleone,J-Stalin,ZiggZag,C-Lim and Julius Luciano from C.O.B.. He's also opened for J-Cole, Wale , Trey Songz ,T.I, Macklmore , Twista , French Montana, Mac 10,Glasses Malone,Luni Coleone,Julius Luciano from C.O.B.,Lil Flip,Rappin 4-Tay,2nd-To-None,Kokane,Twised Insane and T.C Bradshaw. He Has also perfomed at the West Coast Hip Hop Awards.

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