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A brief bio description: BIG MAINE Delivers A Message With his new Joint THUG TEARS Produced by iAmQuanBeats .... Out Now on Spotify and all major platforms FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Roseland, Louisiana - BIG MAINE has been making his presence known in his native Louisiana for some time, but he is looking to make his name nationally known. BIG MAINE writes his own lyrics, when it comes to BIG MAINE. Four personal perspectives give his music that extra edge. his emcee is delivering himselve in his rhymes. Rhymes that don’t just entertain, but also have actual messages that attribute to the overall originality of his music. don't judge the song by the title, listen to the song THUG TEARS, then you can judge, i guarantee you won't be disappointed!!! BIG MAINE is also the owner of an independent label SelfMade MadeSelf Entertainment.... although the game has labeled BIG MAINE a Hip hop/ rap artist, ... BIG MAINE labels himself a Soldier and a BELIEVER IN JESUS CHRIST BIG MAINE gave his life to JESUS CHRIST in June of 2015, and he has been standing tall for CHRIST EVER SINCE!!! and is not ashamed !!!!! BIG MAINE also considers himself a TRUTH TELLER!!!! Those interested in adding THUG TEARS to their playlists, or speaking with BIG MAINE can get in touch via the information provided below. About: BIG MAINE is a artist from Louisiana with a well-thought single to his name entitled, THUG TEARS . Contact: BIG MAINE 985-517-1281 ▪ ▪️Social media links: Instagram: ▪️ marketing materials:

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