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Stelove Koko is an artist musician, songwriter and entrepreneur. Actually residing in Atlanta but NYC is his main city since he grew in Sound-view, Clarkson Park in the Bronx, New York City. He’s originally from Congo (Africa) his native language would be French and that’s makes Stelove Koko and bilingual artist who can sing and write music in English and French. Very versatile he’s into R&b, Rap Hip - Hop, Afro Beat and Dancehall. Stelove has officially entered the music industry in 2017 but he been already into music every since a young kid. Music is a part of his life, his mother is a singer in a church’s choir , his father’s an artist, producer, dancer, businessman and politician. Stelove Koko has always been surrounded with music and dance around him, he founded his own dancing crew when he was only 15 years old and a year later stopped with the crew because of all the members relocating in different countries. So Stelove focused on music, at 11 years old he already been writing poems and songs for himself and some friends. Stelove Koko is ghost writer for some local artists. Stelove Koko is a very oriented person, he went to college and an associate degree in mining fields. He just wouldn’t pursue that because of his love in music. Stelove Koko is also a model and actor on the rise, he works with the John Casablancas Agency, he’s the narrative voice behind the short movie “Death In Dream” realized and directed by Elly Spurs. Stelove Koko is actually in the studio working on his first Mixtape #YoungPablo and has already over 10 singles released on music digital platforms. Stelove has worked with Tiger, Chris Tsuanna, Master Genius, Heavy On The beat, Big Money Team, Dove Studio, TaliiBoyz Gang, Xx GanG. Very opened minded Stelove Koko love collaborating as long as there’s a connection between him and the other artist meaning he’s the type of person who gets to know you before working with you, that’s just how he is. Stelove Koko is an artist musician and businessman following in his father’s step on his own way, he has his own clothing line brand #SteloveKoko. Stelove is very close to his supporters through social media specially on Instagram.

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