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The name is Franchise and I’m from Carol City/Miami Gardens Fl. I have been writing music for a long ass time, but I start to pursued my music career after I hang up my football cleats. Some might say I have a trap/party sound, but it’s hard put me in a box cause I listen and write all type of music. I have days where I just want to record music all day and just sit down and listen to all types of beats. Be on the lookout for my debut project title Fast Lyfe. The deal with me is that I felt that I spent way too much time help other artist to be successful and I forget that I’m a artist myself. I started writing verse and hooks with a group of friends I call my brothers and we call ourselves Blackhart Music Group after being the last member of the group I had to wait my turn but things with south and everybody went there separate ways. I had to learned how to deal with multiple personalities but eventually like most greats, I decided it was time for me to turn myself into a one man show. I’ve took my show on the road and performed from of empty clubs and strip club where nobody pay you no attention, but now I’m breaking the walls down and getting packed clubs where the strippers, and the people know my name and music. The quality of the work speak for itself and couple of years from now I’ll be telling you I told you so

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Go Ham Promo Video

Go Ham Promo Video

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