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Kora The Artist was born in North Carolina but relocated to southeast WashingtonD.C. early in life. Kora has always had a fascination with entertaining. As a young girl she would line up her dolls and stuffed animals and organize elaborate performances in her bedroom. She would imagine she was singing in front of large arenas of clamoring fans engrossed in every note she sang. Initially inspired by Britney Spears, Kora would spend hours watching her music videos emulating dance moves and music riffs. Kora always had a deep connection with not only her own emotions but the emotions of others as well. She truly developed her sense of musical direction while her father went through rehabilitation for drug abuse. Kora was raised primarily by her mother and had limited visitation with her father. She cherished her visits withhim because they were not often. He would play Erykah Badu’s “Baduizm” album on repeat. Kora would watch his struggle and correlate his emotions with each song she heard. The music became a soundtrack to their time together. It was a time that shaped her tremendously. Kora decided then she identified most with strong and fearless women who made bold choices and were not afraid to be unique. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jhene Aiko, Sade and of course Erykah Badu influenced Kora to create a sound that encompassed luscious melodies and gentle tones with hard-hitting beats, synthesizers and daring lyrics. Stylist Ariana Soleil helped Kora develop an edgy look that highlighted her unique personality, focusing on bold color and avant-garde textures and prints. With supreme adoration, love, financial backing and undying support from her mother Kora set out to make her mark on the world. Her first public musical recognition was her sophomore year of college at University of Maryland College Park. Kora performed her single “Sick Of Love” at a Battle Of The Voices event. Though she did not take home first place she was elated with the crowd reception and proud of her dedication to prepare and display true artistry. Filled with confidence from her first performance Kora went on to sing at BET Music Matters competition at SOB’s in New York City. Shortly after, Kora met producer/engineer. They decided to merge talents to create an unmatched sound. Dave Knocks executive produced Kora’s Freshman EP Vertigo. The album focuses on relationships and love issues and is now available on her SoundCloud. The singer, songwriter landed a deal for songwriting for BET International and her music has been featured on Centric TV. She has also been featured on Fox 5 , WUSA 9, WPGC 95.5, along with WKYS 93.9 "KYS VS" competition. She has been creating & collaborating with other DMV rising stars for over 4 years & most recently released her latest single "Sail Away" produced by the Grammy nominated David Knocks, which charted on Apple Music's Top 200 RnB Singles in the nation the day of the release. Kora’s aspiration is to acquire richness in aspects of wealth, charity, philanthropy, activism and love. Her whole purpose is to cultivate something in her image to live on and positively influence the masses.

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Sail Away Ft. Flex Kartel

Sail Away Ft. Flex Kartel

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