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Michael Taylor better known as “Millionaire Thought$” or “MiLLi” an Artist from Connecticut. Started in a group called “Beat Hugga$” in 2009 when they dropped “Beat Hugga$ The Album”. He also in that time featured on several tracks with other artist from Connecticut, then shortly after went solo where he dropped his first solo project “Millionaire Thought$ The MixTape” followed by “My Time Now” and “NIA (N***as Is AssHoles) starring Dinero Jackson and FiiQ. His latest EP’s are called “I Ain’t Playing” and “Life” which are out on all platforms. He’s set to release “Life 2” and “Only God Knows” soon.


MiLLi Thought$ the name that has the streets buzzin.

Millionaire Thought$ has 1 video available.

Millionaire Thought$ - Keep It A MiLLi (Official Video)

Millionaire Thought$ - Keep It A MiLLi (Official Video)

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