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Known professionally as "A-Thug" the Harlem bred rapper, real name Aaron McBride, is as ambitious as they come. Turning each and every vision of his into a full fledge endeavor; known for his independent grind, A Thug has been at task bringing his brand of "Grade A Music" to the masses, via his exclusively owned and operated MegaStars Enterprise, in conjunction with the Black RollingStones, which he has served as the front man. As a collective, Black Rolling Stones has coordinated countless events and showcase platfroms throughout the tri-state area. His passion for music runs deep, strengthened by his life experiences and growth. Using trial and tribulation, A Thug has perfected his grind as well as his business sense and drive to reach his full potential. With the goal of turning what many would considera negative. his incarceration for 3 1/2 years into a positive, A Thug's focus is on improving the life of his son as well as imparting a strong work ethic and leading by example; His hustle is second to none. Set apart from his peers, whom he recognizes as competition in the race up the totem pole in today's industry, by his charisma, originality and performance expertise; his music is sincere. Well versed in the art of making quality songs, not just puting verses together he is celebrated for his art and his perspective on not only music, but life as a whole. With a renewed faith in God, and the team which he has assembled, there is no ceiling for this upstart. Already having released critically acclaimed projects such as Wish of a Rolling Stone, Fuel to the Fire, BLOW, The Art of Getting Rich, The Signature, Best of Both Boroughs, featuring work with artists such as notable artists such as Pinky, Ron Browz, Kay Slay, Juelz Santana , Jada kis, Styles , Redman, and Fred The Godson. as well as DJ Superstar Jay, G-Dep, Nas, McGruff, Triple Seis, and Murda Mook. With plans to get into fashion merchandising, coupled with his DVD releases via MegaStar DVD, A Thugga is absolutely the ultimate hustler. " I am truly a go-getter; I have been like that for as long as I can remember. I never believed in hand outs, only a hard days work. That is the vibe that i bring to all my ventures, and impart on my colleagues." Grassroots marketing is his go to, as you can find A Thug most frequently in your biggest commerce areas such as Fulton Street in Downtown Brooklyn, or the mecca of Harlem, 125th. With his social media reach heightening, A Thug is covering all bases and branding with every step. Please believe this is only the beginning for this mogul in the making.


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Bubba Kush -A-thugga (world premier) h.o.f mixtape Single

Bubba Kush -A-thugga (world premier) h.o.f mixtape Single

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