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Since the 90s Worldarama has been making music, selling records, doing shows, radio appearances and TV interviews. He has released multiple singles, mixtapes, LP's, EP's, music videos and hundreds of grindhard TV episodes. He's managed and promoted artist plus marketed clothing lines. Now let's fast forward to December 2014 Christmas day worldarama has released his latest project titled (Whatever you want from me) Ep produced by Eitan Noyze and Zoomzoom beats. This release is very important to Worldarama cause it's his 1st solo release since 2007 when he released Worldarama Da Ep on cdbaby which was the soundtrack to Worldarama the movie (Whatever you want from me) ep also symbolizes his independence plus it speaks volumes on what he's accomplished and all the work that's been put into his long career. The Christmas release of (Whatever you want from me) was to commemorate in 2004 on December 25th grindhardtv aired for the very 1st time in NYC and has been on air ever since 10 yrs later. Worldarama poured his heart into this ep and fans will be please with this new music. Stay tuned cause its more to come.

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whatever you want from me

whatever you want from me

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