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No gimmicks, no trends just solid rock and roll. Old school groove metal with enough riffs, face melting guitars and hooks to satisfy the masses. Blacked Out World is an explosive, top of the line national act level performance band with a show experience like never before! They're a 4 piece high energy machine with heartfelt vocals and catchy rhythms (Nate Boyce), soulful lingering guitar solos (Igor Dimitrienko), fast thunderin' drums (Ron Letts) and earth shakin' bass bombs (Josh Finch), they will simply leave you breathless! Originally started in 2010, they have build a huge following and developed a die-hard fan base all over the country. They have played hundreds of shows with many National Acts over the years such as Hed PE, Thousand Foot Krutch, Taproot, Emperors & Elephants, Screaming For Silence and Smile Empty Soul to name a few. 2012 - 2013 they've gained a large worldwide attention overseas and all over the rock and metal scene. Fall of 2014, Blacked Out World went into Inabox Studios to record a full length album. Early 2015 it was released worldwide. Their debut album Red White And Black is now available on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Google Play, available purchase of 'Hard Copies' as well as many other places. They have released an official music video for their first single off the album, called "End of Time". You can find the video on their YouTube, Facebook, Reverbnation as well as other sites. Blacked Out World has been playing countless shows all over the Midwest and they are ready to take over the country. They have recently played with Otherwise at Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines, IA and were direct support for Texas Hippie Coalition at Wooly's in Des Moines, IA. They recently received the Midwest Breakthrough Artist Of The Month award on Midwest Mayhem for April 2015. They're currently one of the favorite rock/metal bands on Midwest Mayhem Promotions and Booking as well as in the state of Iowa. If you want to see what all the buzz is about go see them live and you will be instantly hooked. No one puts on the old school groove metal and rock show like Blacked Out World. All in all, Blacked Out World is "Equal parts Strength, Groove, Volume, and Mojo with just a touch of Evil." They leave their mark everywhere they go and they've just begun! Blacked Out World is one of the most original and influential rock bands of the last 5 years. They're here to stay and save rock and roll!


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Blacked Out World - End of Time (Official Music Video)

Blacked Out World - End of Time (Official Music Video)

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